On the search of professional Rally Control and Tracking System?


We offer the first FIA certified tracking system in the world:

The RBI-Sport Rally Control & Tracking System



  • Total rally control based on the latest technologies in Vehicle Tracking, Communication and Data processing
  • Safety is paramount and highest priority of the rally management system enabling effective dispatch of rescue services when required.
  • Easy operation with automated actions based on custom scenarios and procedures.
  • Interactive data based solution for global management covering rally administration, tracking, timing, result processing, rescue services and publicity of rally events. Developed and with continued development by both active & retired Drivers, co-drivers and Motorsport Officials up to WRC level.
  • “From rally seat data to code-base data in seconds”.
  • We offer the fastest response for custom solutions for motorsport on the market.


From club events to international competitions - the system implements the latest FIA specifications on satellite tracking, timing and safety.



The system meets the FIA requirements for sports & regularity rallies, stage rallies, cross-country rallies & bajas and any kind of motorsport event not held on circuits.



Irrespective of whether it is used on motorbikes, quads, side-by-side vehicles/buggies, cars or trucks, the hardware is easily fitted and connected.


The use of the GEOTRAQ tracking solution provides a number of beneficial factors:

  • PRICE: We offer competitive pricing on our systems
  • FEATURES: Apart from tracking, we offer proximity warnings of stopped vehicles, overtake request, speed management and automatic speed penalty application
  • COMS: We offer a selection of communication methods
  • SUPPORT: We provide on-event support staff to assist with system installation, retrieval, Rally Control monitoring and ‘LIVE’ off-site systems support throughout an event
  • INSTALLATION GUIDES: We provide guides on ease of install and this can be in different languages where English is not the first language
  • COST SAVINGS: The use of our system can reduce insurance premium costs
  • REDUCED RADIO NETWORK TRAFFIC: Reduces the need for radio point officials to report passing car numbers
  • STEWARD SUPPORT: Enables clear decisions to be taken based on the hard evidence from the system e.g. illegal servicing, baulking

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On the search of professional Rally Control and Tracking System? We offer the first FIA certified tracking system in the world. Contact us and we will discuss the best solution for your rally! FILL THE FORM AND GET AN OFFER

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GPS Tracking

Follow the rally live and have full control of the event...

Timing and Results

In motorsports, the time is what makes the results...

Administration and Management

From the entry application, through the safety planning...

Road book creation

From the design, through digitization process up to printing...

Consulting, Planning and Training

Each single event has its own idea, concept and soul...

Stickers, Time cards and Documents

Standard documentation or custom created layouts for your event?

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Fashion design from collection development through production...

Photography and Video

Ready to face the action. A cooperation of the best off-road photographers...

We can assist you to make your dream event starting from base planning and going through the champagne at the podium.

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The main goals that are working principles of the team include top safety, precise detailed touch, and customer service and finally yet importantly full dedication towards problem solving.

International team

With an international team of ex-drivers and co-drivers, that are specialists in different fields of motorsports, we know what racing is all about and we can act accordingly without hesitation.


RBI Sport Ltd. is a highly specialized company in the field of the motorsports that provides numerous services for event organizers. It has already proven on the market for consulting, rally and cross-country rally services in Europe and Africa. Numerous references for our work including such as the FIA World Rally Championship and FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rally / Baja are a sign of high level of professionalism and trustfulness.

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Rallye Breslau Poland

The legend lives on

Rallye Breslau Poland is the oldest amateur off-road rally in Europe, combining the “Cross-Country” and “Extreme” categories, and together with the “Discovery” category it makes one of a kind motorsport event.

Fenix Rally

The doorway to Sahara

Step in to explore the desert beauty with the Fenix Rally in one of the most beautiful and inspiring countries of North Africa. The rally offers balanced mixture of sand, dunes and gravel tracks. Combination of fast and technical parts with nature obstacles and road book navigation. The rally is open to motorbikes, quads, SSVs, cars and trucks.

Balkan Offroad Rallye

Addiction guaranteed

One of a kind in Europe, with all variations of landscape and nature! Enjoy fast tracks, tackle tricky offroad passages, cross small rivers, climb high and low mountains. Including the "Extreme" category - for the ultimate hardcore challenge!

Balkan Classic Rallye

Endurance rally for historic cars

Balkan Classic Rallye is an endurance rally for historic cars manufactured from 01.01.1962 to 31.12.1985. The rally offers five racing days on gravel and dirt road terrains through the breathtaking landscapes of the Blakans.

Baja Europe

The cross-country Baja for everyone

Full-throttle sandy stages in the forest of the military polygon of Zagan, Poland. A collaboration between RBI Sport and the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, this 3 day rally features 4 special stages with over 250 km of lenght.