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    With the proper knowledge, experience and know-how, we can provide intuitive solutions. We can assist you to make your dream event starting from base planning and going through the champagne at the podium. 

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    RBI Sport is a highly specialised company in the field of the motorsports that provides numerous services for event organisers.

    We have established our worth in the marketplace through consulting services, as well as providing rally and cross-country rally services in Europe and Africa. We provide services to, and from whom references for our work are available, the FIA World Rally Championship, FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rally/Baja, FIM World Cup for Cross Country, FIA Historic Championship, Kenyan National Championship, Spanish Cross Country Championship, Spanish Super Tarmac Championship as well the Breslau Rally, Europe’s largest Cross Country Rallye, all of which indicate the high level of professionalism and trust there is in the services we provide.


    Frequently asked

    1Do we need to buy the equipment or we can rent it?
    Depending on your demands, we can offer rental of equipment together with the required number of RBI Sport professionals (technicians, timekeepers, rally control dispatchers, results officers, etc.)
    2Do you work only in Europe or also other continents?
    We provide motorsport services worldwide including remote desert areas (where usually cross-country rallies take place). Our main centers are located in Europe and in Kenya, but we can transport easily all the required equipment and fly to the required destination.
    3We have very bad network coverage. Do you work over Satellite communication?
    Yes, our timing equipment can transmit data over Iridium satellites and our tracking solution is based on Garmin Inreach technology. Which is of perfect use in desert events where there is no other way of communication other than via a Satellite.
    4Can we buy timing equipment from you?
    Yes, we manufacture state of the art timing equipment (Start Clocks, Flying finish, Controls, etc.) that you can purchase. In addition, we provide Android based timing software that works with our data processing software that is also a budget option.
    5Our club is new and we want to train and prepare for an event. Do you offer such services?
    RBI Sport has been already working with dozens of clubs and we have special educational programs for marshals and officials. Our ASN development program is also an opportunity for large scale federations where we can easily consult and manage the development.
    6Do you have any vacancy/job opportunities? I want to join your team.
    RBI Sport is always looking for people who are keen in the motorsports. No matter which discipline, we want to create and develop experienced marshals and officials that can be part of the team.
    7We want to make an event, but we do not have experienced officials. Can you help?
    Yes, we can help your organization by providing officials experienced in the required field. In addition, we can give you consulting services, so your event would be on a higher level in both safety and organization.