We know what rallying & racing is all about! We can assist you to make your dream event.

From the entry application, through to the safety planning.

All events start with an idea to gather people around a certain objective. With over 10 years running motorsport events, we can assist you to make your dream event. The main goals and the working principles of the team include the highest standards of safety, a precise & detailed approach, customer service and finally but most importantly, full dedication towards problem solving.

Top quality

Numerous references for our work include rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship and FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rally / Baja, all of which indicate the high level of professionalism and trustfulness.


Administration and Management

All events start with an idea to gather people around a certain objective. And we at RBI Sport understand that very clearly. With our extensive experience, we have developed tools and processes that can help the rally organisers (and not only them) to manage more effectively, the event.

RBI Sport has already been the principal organiser of many international events, both in Europe and North Africa. Following the process from the idea to the price giving ceremony. Our Rallye Breslau Poland 2021 gathered 404 crews that is a world record in the Offroad discipline. This proves our expertise and knowledge not only locally but globally.


Experienced specialists for your event

Our experts in event management can join your teams in order to provide additional specific services and consultation, that will aid in the process of making the event. We can provide experienced individuals in the field
Controller, Marshals, Timekeepers and Officials per request.

Properly calculated time lines

Additional help and touch by our experts in logistics can aid the different organisers before or during the event to manage properly the flow of vehicles and to properly calculate time lines based on certain criteria and scenarios.


Speed up the process of registrations and rally applications.

The Geotraq Online Registration tool provides many opportunities for rally organisers, or clubs, or event ASNs to speed up the process of registrations and rally applications.

Having created it's personal account in the system, the competitor manages easily and quickly all administrative procedures online from the entry to the payment.

The concept that was made around the “competitor dossier” works amazingly well and with its strong API capabilities it automatically connects to all the other systems that Geotraq has developed.

Entry control Software. Together with the Online registration tool, the Geotraq Software has multiple features and one of those is the Entry Control.

This is used as the name suggest, to control the flow of people, the different access requirements and so on.

Different Bar or QR code readers that check the data base information and report automatically within milliseconds the access of an individual to the area that is being controlled.

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We stand behind what we do

Let the others talk about us. See the references section for more details over events that have used our work and knowledge.