Rallying in the desert of Tunisia

Can you feel the smell of the sand, the noise of the wind and the mystic beauty of the desert? Have you ever dreamed about this type of freedom - the light blue limitless sky, infinite horizon and fullness of joy?

“The Doorway to Sahara”

Open the door to explore the desert beauty. Feel free to challenge yourself in one of the most beautiful and inspiring countries in North Africa.


Fenix Rally


Step in to explore the desert beauty with the Fenix Rally in one of the most beautiful and inspiring countries of North Africa. Tunisia welcomed Fenix warmly and with full support from the national and the local authorities.

The rally offers balanced mixture of sand, dunes and gravel tracks. Combination of fast and technical parts with nature obstacles and road book navigation. The rally is open to motorbikes, quads, SSVs, cars and trucks.

Six racing days and 10 timed sections were in the menu of the rally, including a marathon stage, which took all the participants in a desert camp without any help from their assistance crews. Over 1000 kilometers against the clock, with perfect mixture of sands, dunes and fast tracks, all combined with technical navigation and perfect road books.