Rallye Breslau Poland
The legend lives on!

Rallye Breslau Poland - with over 25 years of history.

Rallye Breslau Poland is organized by the RBI Sport Ltd. in Poland. It is the oldest amateur off-road rally in Europe, combining the “Cross-Country” and “Extreme” categories, and together with the “Discovery” category it makes one of a kind motorsport event.

“The legend lives on!”

The biggest rally in the world for 2021 with a special rally concept for everyone. Five rally days in the heart of Europe.
404 entries from all over the world.


Rallye Breslau Poland


“Many people call it “the Dakar of Europe”. Until you’ve experienced the intoxicating atmosphere, the brutal cross country racing the likes of which you’ve never imagined in your wildest dreams and some of the most inspiring camaraderie we’ve genuinely ever seen in motorsport, it’s difficult to explain just how spectacular Rallye Breslau is"

Five days, with roadbooks, venturing through the forests and across the fields and moorland. At stake was the distinction of coming out on top in a prominent event on European Soil. While even competitors bringing experience from rallies from all over Europe got stuck in the treacherous variety of terrains offered by the Rallye Breslau Poland.

The rally is separated in 3 categories:
- Cross Country - classic rallying in combination with off-road.
- Extreme - hardcore offroad and right tactics. There are also fast passages and a road book. But in the Extreme, the focus is mostly pointed on the perfect slowness in combination with the tactical skills of the occupants.
- Discovery - the rally adventure to test your limits. The participants in the Discovery Category are able to breathe real “motorsport air”, but inside the action instead just beeing a spectator.