In motorsports, the time is what makes the results.

RBI Sport is a highly specialized company in the field of the motorsports.

In motorsports, the time is what matters the most. Our trusted timing solutions can be used in all disciplines. Our experience in results processing makes the work for the rally organizers easy.

Disciplines that RBI Sport can provide timing solutions:

Cross-Country rally
Regularity rally



RBI Sport rely on the world leader Tag Heuer for its measurments.

Our equipment list consist of over 30 Tag Heuer Chronoprinters and sets of radio or wired photo cells. Our specially created data transmission devices have various options for communication, including direct Iridium upload, which makes them the perfect solution for remote Cross-Country rally applications.

Together with the common manual-operated procedure, we can offer RFiD solutions with Tag Heuer stickers or our state-of-the-art solution, based on Geotraq Com-Box tracking. This eliminates the man-made errors and brings more thrust to the competitors.

Start clocks are also part of the huge list of equipment that RBI Sport can offer to the rally organizers. Together with the well known Tag Heuer Start clocks and lights, the engineers of Geotraq, have created and produced specialized Digital Clocks with “quartz technology” that are second to non.

The technology for processing data from TAG-Heuer timing equipment and GPS tracking devices garantiees accurate time records and automated validation of control points.

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RBI Sport can provide different results processing options based on the event requirements.

The latest FIA layouts and regulations are always implemented in to the software in order to make the classifications fast and accurate. Each event receives its own public live timing page that can promote the rally and to give the competitors their real time results as fast as possible.


What makes us stand out from all the others is our capability to make a Remote Results processing center.

When the rally is done with our equipment and experienced time keepers, the timing data is being sent to our servers in Germany and Bulgaria. This data is then processed, analyzed, live results are automatically updated and the classifications are being sent directly to the Clerk of the Course for validation. It is a budget solution for smaller events that can take all the benefits of a world-class event just with a couple of easy steps.

One thing is to have the equipment, but its another to operate it properly, following all the regulations for the specific discipline. RBI Sport has a dozen of timekeepers that have over 10 years of experience not only in motorsports but also in alpine and athletics, but that is just one part of the story. We pay a great attention on training the marshals and controllers on sight, so they can one day become a well-educated and experienced time keepers. We do this because we believe that by doing each day of the rally, we improve the overall standard of motorsport.


Geotraq – Timing equipment

In addition to all the Tag Heuer that we work with, Geotraq also is developing and producing specialized timing equipment.

Throughout the years of usage we have developed a custom Start clocks with multiple functionalities that can be used in various disciplines. The Timing Box as we named it mixes various precise modules which work in synchrone with almost all photo cells and in addition to that they work with the Tag Heuer Chrono printers and Mini Timers.

All the equipment in neatly packed in a transport case that can be easily moved around.

If you are interested in such equipment please contact us for further details.