Follow the rally live and have full control of the event.

RBI Sport has developed in the last 7 years a reliable, easy to install and easier to run tracking system.

This reliability is extremely valuable for all kinds of events where the rally control must see and follow the rally live together with the radio communication that is currently a standard in the rally events.

Disciplines that RBI Sport can provide tracking solutions:

Cross-Country rally
Regularity rally



Geotraq Rally Safety System Kit

Tracker, Com-box, Buzzer, Bracket, Transport bag

RBI Sport has developed in the last 5 years a reliable, easy to install and to run tracking system.

This reliability is extremely valuable for all kinds of events where the rally control must see and follow the rally live together with the radio communication that is currently a standard in the rally events.

The intelligence behind the data processing can validate extreme G-force readings and to predict if there are any accidents, which have happened even before the crew, has the chance to press the SOS button on the console.

The stand-alone Geotraq Tracker can be installed easily with just 2 cable ties and is powered by a simple terminal connector that can be found in the toolbox of every mechanic, making this solution easy, cheap and fast to install.

The internal battery can last for over 5 hours until the vehicle is back in service, allowing the external power to be checked or replaced.

Processing of results, application of penalties, preparation of classifications are done by click of a button.

The IP 67 protection gives the freedom for installation on all kinds of vehicles from an Enduro bike, through SSVs (SxS) to Trucks.

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Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

Following the latest development in motorsports, the engineers of Geotraq, have added the advanced vehicle-to-vehicle communication system, called Geotraq Com-box. Additional features have been added such as “overtake request”, “danger beacon” and the valuable “rally control request” where the Clerk of the Course can easily request a response from the crew in case of a unplanned stop during a special stage.

All tracking data is recorded in 1-second periods and is automatically transmitted to the Rally Control together with all the communication that the com-box received through the operation. The various data that include a time stamp, position, speed, bearing, G-force readings and other are transmitted via a simple GPRS channel directly to a state of the art “Digital Rally Control Centre.

Specially developed artificial intelligence algorithms for data processing check all the data and alert the dispatchers at the rally control for any irregularities during the running of the rally. Each record is traced and verified by Geotraq's artificial intelligence algorithms and any deviation is reported for checking and validation by an Official.

Pop-up screens and alarm tickets are triggered to direct the attention of the dispatchers at the rally control, so they can act accordingly. If required RED-FLAG status can be sent to single or a group of competitors to inform them as required.


No network – no problem…

For events that are run in remote areas, where the GPRS connection is missing for more than 20% of the rally route, such as desert rallies, we have already developed and integrated an Iridium tracking solution with Garmin Inreach technology.

The communication over Iridium satellites gives over 99% of global coverage with a capability of tracking up to each 15 seconds, which for such events, is more than enough.

The two-way communication feature of the system, directly incorporated in the rally control software gives enormous advantage over other systems. To be able to communicate with the “outside world” by a simple device without the need of special costly tools and equipment is just priceless.

Geotraq – Digital Rally Control

The Rally Control module offers full view and command while running the event. With all the data collected from each tracking and com-box unit, the unique Geotraq AI solutions give a complete overview of the rally on our Digital Rally Control platform.

When the officials see all in one place – Competitors, Marshals, FIVs, and other organisation vehicles, the dispatchers can act faster and more precise in case of need.

Special algorithms constantly analyse the data from the X,Y,Z accelerometers inside the tracking devices and trigger alarms when possible crashes are detected. This speeds up the reaction time in case of medical emergencies. The system "keeps an eye" on everyone and everything.

Non-planned stops during the special stage are automatically detected and alarms are displayed, so the Rally Control can be quickly alerted. The clerk of the course and their deputies can easily send “request commands” to ask the crew for their status. This easy method that Geotraq has developed does not require any special texting or understanding – simplicity was our goal to achieve a fast and easy two-way communication with the crew, only with 3 buttons – OK, Danger, SOS.

In addition, the Rally Control can easily send commands for “Red flag” after an order from the senior officials. They can even remotely trigger the SOS beacon of the crew in need of assistance to alert the next approaching competitor of the emergency.